What to visit in the Gironde

Arcachon Bay

Here, just 50 km from the city and vineyards of Bordeaux, you can discover a genuine inland sea which opens into the Atlantic Ocean. Arcachon Bay boasts remarkable scenery and a unique historical heritage. The area has been a tremendous asset for centuries, serving as a place for locals to protect their boats against the elements and as a fishing ground. It now attracts large number of visitors each year who are drawn by the beautiful marine landscape and the many colourful towns and villages.

Oyster village

Famous for its tradition of oyster farming, the oyster village has retained the authentic and picturesque charm of the stilted fishermen’s huts, the oyster beds and the traditional boats gliding across the water. So don’t miss the chance to discover this important local activity and sample some delicious oysters, the symbol of this historic location.

The Great Dune of Pyla

Ranked the second most beautiful beach in the world by the Guardian newspaper, the Grand Dune of Pyla (Pilat) and its beach form an incredible landscape. At a height of 107 metres, this Colossus commands a magical panoramic view. It’s a demanding climb, but you’ll be rewarded by a stunning panoramic view of the entire region.